Curanán (10,018 - 10,052 ÆS) of the Fíonne clan was a native Dolman of occupied Airgíallne. In the year 10,038 ÆS, the family headman decided that the 20-year-old Curanán was a risk to his clan, and sent him into exile.


Curanán's father had gone off to help aid a small (but growing) force of Dolman freedom fighters, leaving 14 year-old Curanán in the care of his mother. By the age of 20, Curanán had narrowly avoided open violence against Tar Sequin peacekeepers thrice, and he had made overtures of finding the freedom fighters, who were by then presumed dead by the wiser members of the clan. “If they were dead, those Tar Sequin dogs would have paraded their heads through the whole of Airgíallne!” said Curanán, but the headman shook his own head in response.

It was clear that if he stayed, he would only succeed in getting them all killed, so the headman had sentenced him to exile, until such a time as he had learned “how to wage war with peace.” The fool, Curanán had thought. So he left, and wandered the North for years. He skirted the Shadow Lands and traveled North through Torán, plying his trade as a sword-for-hire, shirking his skill as a shepherd. He sailed the Toranian Ocean and then made his way through Valgaard and now, for the first time, he began to actively seek the goal his headman had prescribed. The people told him to go North, for the mountain peoples had such big foreheads that maybe they would know the answer. So North he went, into the cold mountains of Sessrúmnir. He hired a guide to interpret for him as he wandered from town to town, asking how to wage war with peace, but none gave answer.

He was 26 when he abandoned that search. A small tribe had begun to wage war with the nearby Ghoyuqan Dætholayn, who had seemed to be encroaching into their territory. He decided to join their fight against the Ghoyuqan, as he had always considered the Dætholayn abominations (having never met one).

But when the war party first advanced into enemy land, they were caught in a sudden snowstorm and separated. Curanán fell from an icy ledge and was badly wounded. He should have died, but he was found and rescued by what could only have been a “snow angel”, with snow-white hair, pale skin, a flat nose and wide, catlike eyes. If she had a body, it must have been covered with a flowing white cloak. She was the most gracefully beautiful creature he had ever seen, and she was Ghoyuqan, a Ŵdhythìn Ghoyuqan of the Qiasar clan. She nursed him back to health, and they gradually fell in love.

He learned that the Qiasar clan had migrated to their ancestral “Bigwinter Home” due to a particularly harsh winter. As Curanán healed, the clan fended off the Khitai warriors, and by Springtime, the abnormally harsh winter had granted safe passage to the Summer Country well to the North, within the Great Glacier. At the Bigwinter Home (like the many smaller settlements along their journey North), they subsisted on hunted Caribou, and fish from the long-buried rivers only they could find.

When they returned to the Crystal City at the Summer Country, he found an astounding place! The city, which was built in the Glacier itself and moved with it, was carved out over a widely spread area and housed three full clans. It was full of tunnels, lit by numerous skylights and thin ceilings of ice, and carved with care and unmatched craftsmanship. Within the city, the magic of the Dætholayn allowed them to control the movement and containment of warmth, allowing them to harvest crops – mostly hemp, potatoes, wheat and barley - to supplement their subsistence. It also allowed them safely to light ovens and fires within the city. These fires never flickered, but always remained unearthly still, and glowed with a soft white light.

Curanán was not well-liked by many, but he was accepted by some, in time. His mate, Ghura, was a modest hemp farmer with an uncanny knack for setting his soul at peace. With her around, he could not get angry with the others, even when they scorned his foolish, uncouth ways. As he learned some of their language, he began to train with their hunters.

Birth of a SonEdit

Ghura gave birth to a male child and they named him Lo. Neither could have loved him more, but the Dætholayn other than Ghura treated him with more disgust than they had Curanán. As an infant he seemed to want to find ways to get a reaction from the Ghoyuqan elders, who simply stared at him, ice-cold as the world around them.

Lo was a pariah among the Dætholayn toddlers. They were often cruel to him if they spoke to him at all, though there was one strange male Ghoyuqan who sometimes liked to sit near him and look at him., until his parents would find him and take him away, to play with the Dætholayn.

Lo was nearly 6 years old when Curanán (now 33) decided to seek a better life for Lo, and for himself. He pleaded with Ghura to come with them, and she pleaded with them not to leave, that this was the only life for her, and they argued long and wept often. In the end Ghura stayed, and Curanán vowed that they would return once they had found a place where they could all live together. He was also stirred by the thought that he had now come to understand how to wage war with love, if not with peace, and he would now take his son to see the motherland, which he thought must have changed in the past 13 years.

The Death of CuranánEdit

They traveled slowly but surely, and reached Airgíallne nearly a year later. It was now 10,052 ÆS and Curanán was full of hope. When he reached his hometown, he found that the headman had fallen years ago to a sickness that had ripped through Northern Airgíallne. He introduced the remaining members of his family to his son, and they judged in silence, but offered blessings. They had all lost much already.

One day, soon after their return, a Tarsequin legionary peacekeeper made a coarse joke about Lo’s ears, and Curanán replied loudly, with swift and hateful rudeness. He bristled, and things got out of hand. Within an hour, all the town’s adult men were slaughtered, Curanán included. The women and children, including Lo, were taken as slaves, in another long journey back to Tar Sequinus.